Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to read the measurements for your glasses? 

    For a size of 47-16-130, please refer to the image below:

  • What are the measurements of your glasses and for what ages are they glasses suitable for?

Every child is unique, but the below is an approximate guide to the sizes that we have created based on market research.

Ages 5-7 

Moon: 44-19-130

Neptune: 44-18-130

Ages 7-12

Kamino: 47-17-130

Earth: 47-16-130

Venus: 47-16-130

  • Are your frames hypoallergenic?

Most of our glasses (except the Mercury frames) are made of acetate. Acetate, also known as cellulose acetate or zylonite, is made from wood pulp and cotton and is known for being one of the best types of materials to use for hypoallergenic eyeglasses. Acetate frames are lightweight and often considered better and higher quality than alternatives eg. plastic frames.

  • How should I clean my glasses?

We recommend using the cleaning cloth provided (or similar). If you need to get rid of tougher stains, use water and soap with the microfiber.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

We are a small (but growing!) team and currently our glasses can be only purchased within the UK. However, we are looking into selling glasses worldwide as soon as possible so if you are interested, please drop us a line at 

  • Can you tell us more about the material? What is the difference between Acetate and TR90?

  • Acetate

Cellulose acetate is a cotton-based plastic that is hypoallergenic. This material is perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies to plastics or metals.

We also chose acetate for the frames as its known to be durable, flexible and hold its shape. It is also known for being the best material for anyone that is active, so it is perfect for children.

  • TR90

TR90 is a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. TR90 Frames are incredible comfortable and you hardly feel them on your face. Since they are flexible, they can bend under high pressure and contour your child's face comfortably. It is known to be resilient to damage. 

  • Acetate vs TR90 which frame is best for my child?

Both acetate and TR90 are known for their durability. Although acetate are flexible and bendable to a degree, TR90 frames can withstand far more pressure and are more resilient to damange. Acetate has the most extensive range for vibrant colors, and finishes, explaining the cool look and feel of our acetate frames. They are best for those that want to ensure that the frames will cause no irritation to their child's skin.